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- Beautiful sake created by the harmony of people -

The goal of our company is brew high quality sake that explores the possibility of sake flexibly. Our brewery is actively implementing machines and does not have the atmosphere of a traditional brewery. We decided to mechanize so we can proactively rationalize the process that takes labor and closely monitoring the details that takes lot of work in order to pass down the traditional sake brewing skills to the future. We are putting continuous effort in controlling the machines as tools for the brewers and collecting elaborate amounts of data to utilize in next brewing. For our product, we are searching for the best method of delivery and sales so we can manage the product quality until it reaches the hands of customers. We aim to reach the goal of "Wajoryoshu"-beautiful sake created by the harmony of people, and put effort into cultivate the future of Japanese sake.

Business Philosophy of Sekiya Brewery Co., Ltd.

We will contribute to the community through our business activities.

Three pillars of business activity: Breweing Japanese sake/ Engaging in agriculture/

Suggestion of nourishment We put effort in making the "brewers", "sellers", and "drinkers" happy.

We put effort in passing down the traditional skills of sake brewers to the future.

We put effort in transmitting Japanese sake culture.

We engage in high quality sake brewing while valuing the teamwork with Wajoryoshu as our keyword.

Sekiya Brewery Co., Ltd.

Executive Director Takeshi Sekiya

Company name Sekiya Brewery Co., Ltd.
Main Office 〒441 - 2301
22 Taguchi Aza Machiura Shitara-cho Kitashitara-gun Aichi
Phone:0536-62-0505  FAX:0536-62-1556
Inabu Factory (Ginjo Koubou) 〒441 - 2524
713 Minami Mizuwakare Kuroda-cho Toyota-shi Aichi
(Old Higashi Kamo-gun Inabu-cho)
Phone:0565-83-3601  FAX:0565-83-3583
Representative Executive Director Takeshi Sekiya
Capital 20,000,000 yen
Employees 39 people(21 males, 17 females)
Description of Business Alcohol Brewing and Distilling (Sake, Shochu, Liqueur) Agriculture
Company History 1864 Foundation
December 1930 It became Sekiya Brewery Joint-Stock Company
June 1999 It became Sekiya Brewery Co,. Ltd
April 2004 Ginjo Koubou (Inabu factory) opend.
 Main Office
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 Inabu factory
(Ginjo Koubou)
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